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7 Ways a Bookkeeper Can Make Your Life Easier?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Bookkeepers are skilled in ensuring your books pick up everything you need to run your business. From helping with the VAT Returns to keeping your books in order, we make sure you can make sense of your numbers.

Here at Sense of Numbers, we like to take the strain from you having to do your own books.

That means;

  • No more worrying about completing your VAT Returns before the deadline.

  • No more wondering if you have included everything for your year-end before you pay too much tax.

  • No more late-night discussions with your partner to check if a customer has paid or not before you start a new piece of work.

Below are 7 ways we can make your life easier...

1. Making sure you get paid

You would be surprised how many clients forget to invoice. They think they have and then six months go by and that work they did back then has been totally forgotten about. We put in systems for your monthly billing and help you keep on track for any ad-hoc work.

2. We keep on top of your supplier statements.

One of the worst time-wasting activities when running your own books is getting your supplier questions sorted. You think you have settled an account, but they are chasing for an unpaid bill you haven’t received. Here at Sense of Numbers, we like to check your supplier accounts BEFORE you settle them. This stops you from paying too much and cuts out silly mistakes that can cost you money.

3. Ticking off what has been paid in and out of your bank.

Is this really necessary nowadays when you connect your bank to your software?

Yes, it’s vital.

In Bookkeeping terms, it’s called Bank Reconciliations. This is just a fancy word for the art of checking whether what got paid in or out of your accounts agrees with the bank and your books. It stops unnecessary chasing clients who may have already paid, but maybe the incorrect amount or making sure we enter that purchase you made by debit card but lost the receipt for.

4. We understand the people who work for you.

They could be employed or self-employed, but are you paying them correctly in the eyes of the law?

Taking people on and ensuring you pay them correctly is, in our books, the difference between a great business or a bad one. It’s never good to have disgruntled staff who come face to face with your clients, and all because you forgot to pay them correctly last month.

We take that strain away by setting up systems for payroll and expenses that enable you to pay them on time and correctly.

5. Ensuring you're claiming all that you can in your accounts.

It’s not just about whether you should claim for that bottle of milk for the office, it’s also making sure you aren’t claiming for items you shouldn’t. We understand your business, we are at the heart of it and we understand bookkeeping.

6. We help you to smooth out the bumps in the road

Cashflow is key for any small business, but especially so for seasonal businesses, where income may fluctuate. By planning ahead, we make sure you don’t spend when you are about to enter a dry period.

7. We make sure you are compliant.

We do this by ensuring you keep to your HMRC deadlines, such as VAT and Payroll, but also to Companies House.

There can be quiet a lot of jargon when you are running your business and looking after your books. We like to not only take care of this but also help you to understand your books in the language you understand, letting you make sense of your numbers.



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